Pardubice Swordplay Association

PSA - Pardubice Swordplay Association is open team of people who practise Historical European martial arts (HEMA). We study manuscripts of old masters and revive their techniques in the form of dynamic combat sport. With modern protectors we can bring out the full potential of these cold weapons and expand our own combat skills. At the same time in our training we mind balanced physical development, tactical and psychological preparation not only for fencing but also for every day use.

We also host tournament Pardubický meč. The PSA lector Kamil Hozak regularly places on medal places on tournaments, that involve more than a hundred swordsmen from Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Netherlands and other countries.

Practices take place in Pardubice and we will be happy to welcome new members. Our members apply their skills not only in sports but also in stage combat version of historical fencing in the theatres, films or own groups and projects. Come to your first training for free, basic equipmen will be provided by us.


Wednesday - 19:15 - 21:30, gym Bussines academy Štefánikova 325 Pardubice

Kamil Hozák: +420 702 067 197
Pavel Šilhánek: +420 739 164 295
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